UM (eye-eye) moulded eye-balls

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Areas of use:
The mated welds can also be executed in the “manual matic” version at specific commands. It is mainly used in sectors with high temperatures or by users who did not want to change their purchasing program with products made with more modern technology: looped suffees made by hydraulically pressing an aluminium sleeve or flamed looped suffees.

Special features:
As the oldest technology for making cable ties, the moulded wires have several disadvantages compared to the pressed wires:

  • higher price
  • lower lifting load due to the coefficient of efficiency of the loop formed by manual pressing
  • job security

Constructive variant:

  • UM (large loops, matisate)
  • UMR (one of the loops equipped with rodent)
  • UR (both loops equipped with rodent)
  • UMR-C (one of the loops equipped with rod and hook)
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