Anti-skid chains for trucks – ROMB model, R.A.R./SET approved

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The ROMB type anti-skid nets for commercial and industrial vehicles manufactured by EL-CAR are designed to meet the challenges of extremely harsh winter conditions. They comply with ONORM V5119 requirements and are R.A.R. approved.

The anti-skid nets are made of cemented chains (heat treated and surface hardened steel) with straight links.
The chain profile and size are specially chosen to ensure maximum grip.

The tensioning elements and the tightening keys are simple, efficient, robust.


  • Made of cemented chain (high tensile strength and surface hardened – wear resistant)
  • Chains with square links. The shape of the chain profile and the size of the chain is so chosen as to ensure a large contact – area and to bond with the tyre of the transport vehicle to produce grip.
  • Rhombic shaped grip group. The structure and density of the rolling network produces a significant increase in grip, facilitating the safe movement of loaded or empty trucks.
  • Locking hooks for a very good fit on the tyre
  • Tensioning key to ensure correct tightening of the chain on the tyre profile
  • Good road attire
  • Easy mounting
  • Approved R.A.R.
  • Intended for:
    • commercial vehicles
    • medium and heavy trucks
    • snow removal machines
    • various industrial vehicles
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Square cemented chain


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