TAF mesh with notches, 11mm cemented chain, diamond pattern / price per SET (2 pcs)

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Cemented chain mesh with two grooves on each back for extra grip on ice, snow or mud covered ground.
Professional solution for forestry machines (TAF Skidder, etc.) or other forestry equipment with winch.
Compatible tyres: 18.4-26; 420/85 R28; 480/70 R28; 500/70 R28; 16.9 R30; 420/80 R30; 440/80 R30;
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TAF chains

Manufacturer: NORDCHAIN Norway

Cemented chain mesh with two grooves on each tread for excellent grip on ice, snow or mud. Professional solution for forestry machines (T.A.F. Skidder, etc.) or winch tractors. NORDCHAIN forest chains are made of special alloy steel and the hardening process is fully automated, the service life of these chains is very long.

Performance Mesh (Chains) Taf with guinturas:

  • Cementing: special (automated) heat treatment that increases breaking strength and hardens the chain surface for wear resistance under extreme conditions of use.
  • Extremely break-resistant materials: chain, lugs and all components made of special alloy steel for maximum performance
  • Special design for maximum performance:
    • Two lugs on each axle for very good traction and smooth running even at higher speeds.
    • Twisted sipes for optimal fitment on the tyre profile, the lugs having maximum grip
    • Rhomboid pattern with special dimensions for good grip both on the track and on the side
    • Simple and efficient clamping system.
    • Self-healing during rolling (due to optimal diamond size)

Characteristics of the mesh (chains) Taf with hooks:

– Anti-skid net model: diamond, twisted links, two hardened hooks on each chain link.
– A large number of cemented, electric spot pressure welding grooves. Welding is done by robots.
– Superior hardening/hardening: 750 HV (61HRC)
– Track chain: 11mm cemented chain, twisted backing for optimal fitment on the tyre. Each backpack equipped with 2 cemented rings mounted with robotic technology
– Diameter of the ring: 11 mm for
– Side chain: cemented chain diameter za 11mm


  • T.A.Fs, Skidder-e
  • Winch tractors, IFRON
  • Large and medium-sized forestry machines.
  • Agricultural tractors
  • Snow clearance machines
  • Download
  • Bulldozers, excavators operating in difficult terrain



This anti-slip mesh is easy to install and maintain. Self-care during rolling is ensured by the optimal size of the rhomboids.


Weight130 kg
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Chain cemented with notches


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