Cargo lashing straps 4T, 5T with double ratchet – STF ratchet ERGO: 500 daN

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Anchoring Straps (Fixing Straps) 4T, 5T with Double Ratchet – STF ERGO Ratchet: 500 daN

  1. Anchoring Straps (Fixing Straps) 4T, 5T
  2. Double Ratchet – STF Ratchet ERGO: 500 daN
  3. Secure Anchoring with Tensioning Devices
  4. Long-lasting corrosion protection
  5. Flexible Constructive Variant (3-12m)

Discover the most reliable and powerful lashing straps (lashing straps) to ensure that every transport is a success. Our ERGO Double Ratchet STF Ratchet Straps are the ideal choice for any anchoring task. With anti-corrosion protection and the possibility to be equipped with various fastening accessories, these straps are the reliable partner you need.

Secure Anchoring with Safety Tensioning Devices

Whether you’re transporting heavy goods or valuables, secure anchoring is essential. With our tensioning devices you can be sure that your load will be kept in optimal condition. With a robust design and built-in safety, these tensioning devices are perfect for any situation.

Corrosion Protection for Maximum Durability

In harsh environments and exposed to corrosion factors, your anchoring equipment must hold up. Our ERGO double ratchet STF ratchet anchor straps are coated with an anti-corrosion protective coating, ensuring they will remain strong and reliable over time. Invest in durability and choose our corrosion-resistant webbing.

Constructive Variants For Your Different Needs

We are aware that each anchoring task can be unique. That’s why we offer two different anchorage straps:

  • With Hooks at Both Ends: This variant consists of a short piece of webbing (0.5m at one end with a ratchet and a hook at the other end) and a longer piece of webbing (3-12m) with a hook at one end.
  • No Hooks: the webbing has a ratchet at one end (length 3-12 m), giving you flexibility and versatility.

With our Anchor Ropes, you are ready for any situation


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