Special steel cables. Performance

Design and manufacturing technologies

CARD design: computerized design and optimization of the internal structure for maximum performance of the cables in relation to the destination.
Diameter tolerance +0 … +4%. Less tolerance means less problems with guide rollers
Special design: the 8-strand cables have a higher degree of wear resistance because the contact surface with the machine drum is larger

Stranded ropes with compacted strands: the strand made of round wires is pulled through compacting devices with gradual rolling, resulting in higher breaking strength (reduction of diameter), increased wear resistance due to the increased contact surface between the rope and the machine reel or drum, better flexibility and reduced elongation.

Parallel stranding of strands: linear contact between strands leads to optimal stress distribution in the rope and a larger metal cross-section, thus higher tensile strengths of the tensile rope

The plastic core extends the service life of the cables and reduces maintenance costs:

Ultra-cyanite ropes (popularly referred to as compacted or double compacted) are designed for extremely demanding applications in terms of crushing factors: logging, zip lines and the boom hoist rope on certain cranes.


  • very thin cable surface, no spaces between strands to prevent wire breakage on contact with ground, logs, machine drum
  • highly resistant to crushing, wear, corrosion
  • breaking strengths up to 60% higher than normal cables
  • long service life