TRACTOR TRACTOR PLATES made of 11mm cemented chain with PINTENI, PATRAT design, tyres 14.00 R38 / Price/piece

1,392.00 lei (No VAT)

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Anti-skid mesh made of cemented chain with spurs type U for a very good grip on snow-covered or muddy ground. The economical and efficient solution for T.A.Fs, forestry tractors and small to medium sized machines.


  • Cementing: special heat treatment that increases breaking strength and hardens the chain surface for wear resistance under extreme conditions of use.
  • Extremely tear-resistant materials: chain, sprockets and track components made of special alloy steel for maximum performance
  • Special design for maximum performance:
    • “U” spurs for very good traction
    • “D” profile track chain for extra grip
    • Large rings for durability and wear resistance
    • Tension wrenches for simple and efficient tensioning on any tyre*
    • Self-healing during rolling (due to optimal diamond size)


  • Anti-skid net model: square + rhombus
  • Spurs: type “U” diameter 10 mm, electric spot welding
  • Track chain: cemented chain diameter za 11 mm
  • 11mm diameter rings arc welded, cemented
  • Cementing/hardening: 52-55 HRC at the surface (0.6mm depth), 36 HRC inside the material
  • Side chain: 11mm industrial chain


  • T.A.Fs, winch tractors
  • Medium-sized forestry machines.
  • Agricultural tractors
  • Snow clearance machines
  • Loaders, IFRON
  • Bulldozers, excavators operating in difficult terrain


* Standard model does not include additional tensioning chain.

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