Omega tapping key with threaded bolt

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Omega tapping key with threaded bolt

Standard:EN 13889

US Fed. Spec. RR-C-271 Type IVA Class 2, Grade A

Safety factor:6:1 (MBL = 6 x WLL)
Material:High alloy steel
Finish: galvanized


Revelopment rules:

The rules in operation of the riveting wrenches are according to SR EN 13889+A1:2009, PT R3-2010 ISCIR, as well as according to “Procedures for checking riveting wrenches, in order to ensure quality and safety at work” applied in EL-CAR own laboratory by personnel certified according to SNT TC-1A and are the following:

  • when checking the keys, the following defects are followed:
  1. damage (flattening, bending, dents, cracks, etc.)
  2. wear from: normal use, corrosion, etc. (wear is determined on the most stressed portion)
  • all markings must be legible
  • the body and the bolt are both identified as being of the same size, type and make
  • the threads of the bolt and key body are intact
  • before use make sure that the fuse has been inserted into the bolt after threading
  • the key body and bolt are not deformed or worn, show no signs of cracks or corrosion
  • ratchet keys cannot be heat treated as this may affect their mechanical characteristics
  • these products do not weld or heat up

The verification method applied in our own laboratory is: non-destructive verification by magnetic particle method.

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